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Within this direction the spear is primarily interesting not in itself, but as a trainer for fixing movement skill in pentra. Despite the fact that there are elements for exercises on horseback in the working technique with a spear, the basic principles are in correspondence with the handling the heavy spear by the foot soldiers. It is possible to visualize this type of weapon by its comparison with the size and balance of “scoop” shovel with a stalk of not less than 4 cm in diameter and up to 180 cm in length.

Properly learnt pentra allows handling heavy bulky weapon without losing stability, speed, strength, and without any inertial problems. Moreover, the heavier weapon is and the more power is invested in its handling, then the body will gain both more stability and balance by means of being more “pressed” into the ground. Thus correctly set body corps allows to transfer stiffness both from the legs to the hands holding weapon, and the weight and force of the weapon inertia through the arms to the legs, without losing the possibility of simultaneous arbitrary moving.

Such a strict linkage of weapon with the legs allows not to think about committing technical movements by the hands, and to focus only on control of personal movements’ directions. In other words, in case of attacking actions, enemy becomes as if “trampled down” with the feet, and thus the only thing required from the warrior is to control the direction of movement. Each rhythm or step gives the necessary impulse to commit any technical action with hands without the need of any pre-training or swings.